Rebecca Holman «Beta: Quiet Girls can Run the World»

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What does success look like? 5am conference calls and late nights in the office? Winning every argument in the office and always getting your own way?

What does a successful woman look like? The shoulder-pad wearing Alpha? The dogmatist who rules with an iron fist?

The reality is far more nuanced. Yet women are still pigeonholed as Alpha boss, or Beta secretary or assistant. When 47% of the workforce are reduced to two unhelpful stereotypes, how can you embrace your inner Beta and be a success on your own terms?

BETA celebrates the collaborators, the pragmatics, and the people who believe that being nice works and getting your own way isn't always the most important thing.

Fully researched and rich with interviews, anecdotes and case studies, BETA is a smart and entertaining read that really explores the role of women in the workplace today.

BETA inspires confidence and will help you in the workplace.




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